26 April 2015

Deferred Maintenance

Our country finds itself in a position similar to the homeowner who finally accepted that he has been living beyond his means and cuts back on discretionary spending, but now has no savings and cannot afford to take care of mandatory maintenance and repair, forcing him to take on additional debt to fix items that are now failing and cannot be deferred any longer. Our highways, bridges and rails are literally crumbling and collapsing before our eyes, taking lives with them.

Our water and our electrical infrastructures are two critical systems we've been deferring the upgrade and basic maintenance of for decades. I shudder to think of the cascading failure of either (or both) at a time when our economy (and our nation in general) is being stressed. Like right about now.

Many have been warning about this for years, but as goes her people, so goes the nationwe'd rather do the stuff that shows and impresses than the stuff that doesn't. The country has collectively been doing the equivalent of installing granite countertops and shiny new appliances in kitchen and bathroom makeovers while ignoring the corroded, leaking boiler in the basement and knob-and-tube wiring running through the walls.

Kunstler's "The Long Emergency" dances dangerously close to reality.

Mains Power Connected

The lights are on; let's see where this goes.

Whether somewhere or nowhere, it will have done it's job. People tell me I should get my writing out there. They also told Harry Chapin's "Mr. Tanner" that he should go public with his singing.

Sometimes the talents that make us whole are best kept to ourselves.