09 May 2015

A Dollar a Day

LogMeIn pulled the plug on their free subscriptions, forcing me to either go elsewhere (Teamviewer is nice for free, but it's no LogMeIn), or pay to play. My gamepared down from 10 to 5 computers which I maintain at no charge for friends and relativesis now costing me almost forty bucks per month.

This prompted me to think of it in terms of the old arguments, Marketeer pro and Suze Orman con, of just how littleor muchthat really is. The math does not require calculus or a spreadsheet, though the latter can help drive the point home (and be saved and updated).

Daily, it comes out to $1.36indeed, "less than a cup of coffee," and Dunkin' Donuts, not Starbucks. But annually, it's almost $500. For most of us, that's real moneynot a cup of coffee, but several weeks' worth of groceries. Or a car repair. Teamviewer is starting to look a lot better.

Go ahead, try it yourself. Pull all those recurring "small" monthly expenses you may haveOn-Star, Spotify, Netflix, SiriusXM, elevated or "premium" subscriptions, cable tiers and data plans, even charitable donations (it begins at home). It may not be easy, for most of these leeches have convinced you of the convenience of auto-debit; the charges are silently sucked out of your account, leaving a small void to magically be filled in by the next auto-deposited paycheck.

Now do the math, and revaluate the services rendered. There has to be at least one that, if you're honest with yourself, is not worth the expense based on current cash flow and return on investment. If you've never had the pleasure, canceling a low ROI subscription can be cathartic.

It's amazing how easy it is to trick our stupid minds. Hell, we've been falling for the same $9,999 being "less than ten thousand dollars" since the Marketeers discovered the trick, and we show no sign of grasping reality.

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