11 May 2015

You Can't Catch Gay

I'm proof positive for all those bible-thumping right-wingnuts that exposure to homosexuals does not "rub off" and "infect" young "victims." With a fag-hag for a mother (the term learned from gay friends) and a tolerant father, few kids were exposed to more gays and lesbians than I from childhood onward. As a very young (male) child I wantedand receivedfor Christmas a toy kitchen set, much to my former Army Drill Sergeant father's Tonka truck or toy M-1 Carbine instead dismay. There's a picture of me having just set it up and, honestly, current me would have put a hundred bucks down on the me in the picture turning out gay. And it's not the present, it's the pose. I went through a stage of wearing my mother's beads and clip earrings. I worked on tractors and cars and boats with my father and his straight friends; I went to the theatre and museums and listened to show tunes with my mother and her gay friends. (The latter sometimes without the protection of mom or dad, and not once did any of them gays try to molest me or bring me over to the other side.) I wear purple shirts and pink ties. When I finally succumbed to carrying a cell phone, I insisted that it be a pink Razr.

I've enjoyed multiple friendships with, been influenced by, and loved many gay people throughout my life. Hell, my mother would have been thrilled were I to have cued "I Am What I Am" from La Cage au Folles and come bursting out of the closet, arm-in-arm with my boyfriend. (It would have been fabulous!)

Yet despite all this, and with no pressing reason coming from any cornerparents, family, friends, careerto pretend to be otherwise to either myself or others, when it comes to sex, I turned out plain old straight. Never once have I looked at another guy and thought (or suppressed), Man, I'd like to do that.

We The People have plenty to quarrel about that's a lot more important and valid to our future survival as a nation and a species. Can we just put this dumb argument to bed, and get into same withand marrywhomever we desire?

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