02 May 2015

You Prefer Chaos?

People tend to complain about "putting up" with those of us who exhibit mildly obsessive but not full-blown OCD tendencies (e. g., "ordering," with which I am afflicted). But what exactly is the problem with our tidy and precise quirks (clocks set and synchronized to the second, dishes washed promptly, shelved items alphabetical, labels forward) if we don't freak out when you don't comply with the demands of our little demons? If we admit that you're the "normal" ones and we're the freaks, and we truly don't mind - which is different from coping with - your normal behavior, where's the problem in your being able to know what time it is without a doubt, immediately locate the rosemary in the spice cabinet, or grab from the shelf the Huey Lewis (under Lewis, Huey of course) CD you want to listen to? Is it a problem that the spoons are all spooning in the drawer, and in the same direction as the spooning forks?

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