25 July 2015

It's Too Late

Excerpt from a LinkedIn discussion thread some time ago:

It has been said that “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross,” to which I would add, "and have 'carry permit' and be well armed." Is it too late? If not, what can be done? -author unknown

Perhaps more plutocracy than fascism, but in my not-so-humble opinion, yes, it's too late.

Not that there weren't plenty of warning signs and opportunity to slay this beast before it grew too big to kill (or too big to fail), but energy, water, infrastructure, economy, politics, culture, you name it, where there are warning signs, we are masters at ignoring them. For years we've been talking about reining in out-of-control campaign finance and other monetary political influence, yet over those years, we've sat back and watched the problem worsen. Or just plain remained oblivious to it. Wall Street now owns Washington, and Main Street is paying the mortgage. We have all but boiled an electionlocal to presidentialdown to he or she who has the most money, wins. As we spool up another presidential campaign circus, that is currently one Donald Trump. [insert deity here] help us all.

The people of the world who aren't busy killing each other must be watching and laughing at the spectacle that has become the USA, but we're too shameless to be embarrassed. Tipping point? Long past; we're toppling.

While I can understand (though it both sickens and saddens) how and why a large percentage of the population buys into this "trickle down" and "job creators" nonsense and continues to allow it, what I cannot understand is how a handful of powerful and intelligent people with a U. S. flag in one hand, a bible in the other, and a fountain of empty promises (and outright lies) spewing forth from their mouths can reconcile their actions and behavior with their so-called patriotism and religion. But beyond that, this course our leadersboth business and political, if they are even able to be separated any longerhave us on, while in the short term has created exponential growth of wealth for the already wealthy, comes at a cost of crippling the middle class and crushing the poor, not to mention siphoning funds away from badly needed infrastructure maintenance and upgrade. It is difficult to see how in the end there is any option other than completeand literalcollapse.

So enough with the "Job Creators" bullshit. Beyond demand, the only reason a domestic job gets created is when a company cannot employ machine technology or outsourced (or undocumented) carbon-based units and is has no other choice than to use genuine, domestic, carbon-based W-2 or 1099-MISC human resources. This has been going on since long before there was the Internet, electronics, or global economy; since before the engine, internal or external combustion; since before sea, air and rail transport; since before grid electric power. Humans treated like animals (or worse) worked our fields before Whitney and Deere and McCormick mechanized cultivation and harvesting. We're still paying for that Bad Idea whether we want to admit it or not.

Don't pretend you're doing a good deed and make a P. R. puff-piece out of creating a local job or two. It's just that the current technology/cost leaves no other alternative than to use local humanoids for the task.

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