06 December 2015

An Hour With Bernie

The YouTube video referenced at the end of this sat in my Watch Later pile for about two weeks. If it took me that long to find an hour of time in my rather uncomplicated life [full disclosure: my wife had to work Saturday; I did not], there is little hope that anything more than a fraction of the population will be exposed to this speech. (And, like most everyone, I can watch YouTube on everything from the Smart TeeVee in the living room to the smartphone in my hand—we may not have time, but we do have options.) 

In my not-so-humble opinion, it was well worth finally viewing. The shame is that the problems so easily recognized and clearly outlined by Senator Sanders are virtually impossible to rectify. Not because it cannot be done—a solution need not be complicated, merely presented and agreed to—but because a handful of very powerful people will do everything it takes within all that power to see to it that it is not done. 

Sanders doesn't have a chance of winning the election, and that may or may not be a good or a bad thing. The bad thing is that, whoever does win the election, and from whichever side, will not bring a single kernel of Bernie's fairness and sensibility to the office. Any similar words you may hear exiting from their mouths while on the campaign trail will be carefully scripted pandering which, in time, will fade away to empty and forgotten promises. Beyond that, only a handful of people will be exposed to this material (and you, Dear Reader, may be one who simply says Oh, I don't think so... to sitting through it), but will be bombarded by hours (in three-minute slices) of everything from meaningless drivel to steaming piles of bullshit about and from the front-runners—one of whom will go on to become the Occupant.

And whichever candidate from whichever side wins, beginning with Inauguration Day and for the next four or eight years, the other side will spend all of its time screaming about what a shitty job the winner is doing. Rinse and repeat. But the more election cycles we allow to pass before enacting change, the more violent bringing change about will be. All while the earth itself is getting just as pissed off with the people who are inhabiting it as the people who are inhabiting it are with each other. 

Rant over. If you're still reading, you may as well watch the damn video. 

Bernie Sanders' Democratic Socialism Speech at Georgetown University
19 November 2015 


We are living in interesting times.