09 July 2016

Those Damn Emails

Whether you're sick and tired of hearing about her damned emails or can't get enough Clinton dirt (or sick and tired of this damned election, period), this brief (for WIRED) and stale but still valid piece will cut through all the politics as well as the stuff regular people news sensationalizes and/or doesn't know what the hell it's talking about—and do it in plain English. Even if you bail on reading the rest of my own rant, give the link a whack.
Why Clinton’s Private Email Server Was Such a Security Fail
Andy Greenberg/Security

04 March 2015

It's-perfectly-legal-and-others-did-it or not, somebody had to try to tell her what a bad idea it was to run her own mailserver at home. Any IT nerd on staff worth his or her salt that wasn't a brown-nose yes-man to Secretary Clinton would have hit her up with a With all due respect, Madam Secretary, let the record show that I think this is a really, really, bad idea.

There just is no good reason to leave yourself exposed to potential security vulnerabilities when the entity you work for is willing to take on the responsibility, particularly when you are the Secretary of State and that entity is the United States Government. All joking about the USG's own security aside, it would still be the gov'mint's problem if any Clinton email found it's way into the wrong hands. And commingling personal and professional email is just stupid no matter who you are or where you work. My place of employ is watched over by the SEC (for whatever that's worth) and, while there's nothing particularly juicy in there, I'd still rather not give reason to have my Gmail account subpoenaed and inspectors poring over 15,000 personal email messages in search of some Aha! kernel of badness that might be in there.

One need not dip into the fetid bucket of politics for this to go toward making it hard to believe that bad reasons weren't involved. Convenience my ass.

And yes, though even WIRED left out this detail (Microsoft too good a "partner," CondÄ— Nast?), the now infamous Clinton server was running none other than Microsoft Server, IIS, and Exchange. Do we even need to ask if the OS was Windoze and the client Outlook when she wasn't on her mobile?

Both parties from the top down have somehow managed to land at a place where their own candidates are disliked and distrusted by all except a handful of the delusional or the dedicated.

The good news is, I will be saddened and scared, but at least not shocked, should Trump place his tiny hand on the Bible come January. And if it does turn out to be Hillary—your numbers to [insert deity here]'s eyes, FiveThirtyEight—I'll just settle in for another round of pretending everything will be fine while we delay the inevitable.