Reach Out And Pivot My Bad

Some pot calling the kettle black here, for I myself have been guilty as charged regarding some items in this nonstatic list. But it's time to put an end to...
  • Reach Out. Reach out and strangle this now.
  • Cleanest Dirty Shirt. We're starting to use this as if it's a good thing.
  • Trending. Trend away from this, please.
  • Artisan. When McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts offer "artisan" items, the word has been diluted to the point of being meaningless.
  • Take-away. Yes, please, take it away.
  • My Bad. While you're taking away take-away, take my bad with it.
  • Unsustainable. A real and useful word, particularly today, but let's give it a rest.
  • Interestingly. I'm all for remembering the forgotten adverb, but why did people remember this one and spread it around like manure?
  • It Is What It Is. Let's make what it is over.
  • Starting Sentences With "Well..." Well, just stop doing that.
  • Upspeak. I thought the Valley Girl was annoying, but when did everyone start speaking as if each sentence is a question?
  • Tipping Point. Time to tip this one over the cliff. Or maybe get it caught up in a perfect storm.
  • Pivot Point. Spin this one around and push it out the window.
  • Proactive. It's not a bad word, but throttle back on the use. Getting as meaningless as "attention to detail" in a résumé.
  • Pro. As in, "professional" (strength, etc.) About as useful a description as olive sizes. The real pros are using something called something else.
  • lower case. for god's sake, let's find the shift key again. This trend is as overdone as InterCaps, eThis and iThat. Texting is no excuse.
  • Dot-separators in phone numbers. Dots are for numbers with decimal places; dots are for the end of sentences; dots are for IP addresses and domains; dots are for version numbers. Hyphens are for phone numbers. I don't care what's de rigueur.
  • Low-hanging Fruit. It's all been picked; what's left is rotten.
  • Perfect Storm. Yes, it so perfectly describes so many things that are the result of several forces coming together at the same time, but it's time to let it get back to just describing weather events.
  • Team Player. Does it not go without question that if your organization consists of a team - and most do - hires should play well with others?
  • Attention to Detail. See above. What company actively seeks uncaring sloths for employees, and what potential employee presents himself as such on a résumé?
  • Think Outside the Box. Mercifully, I think this one is about dead. I almost walked out of a job interview when this came out of the guy sitting across from me. After he had already used "team player."
  • Paradigm (with shift/change/whatever). Another one that's all but gone, but in its prime, as overused as Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" at weddings.
  • Awesome! Not anymore.
  • Frothy. "Things are getting frothy in the market." Kill it, like a frothy-mouthed, rabid animal.
  • Bump up/bump it up. As in, elevate priority. Just bump it into the trash.
  • Congrats. If you're going to take the time to congratulate someone, take the time to say/spell out the whole goddamn word.
  • Selfies. Can we become any more self-absorbed?
  • Viral. Has indeed become an infection. Find a damned antiviral to kill this disease.

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